How to Pollinate Cucumber and Melon Plant (Hydroponic & Aquaponic)


We are showing some of the common ways to pollinate Cucumbers and Melons in a greenhouse when you don’t have bees. Please check out our other videos, subscribe today and check out our

Tour of My Hydroponic & Aquaponic Greenhouse

This is a tour of our two different systems we run in my greenhouse, aquaponic and hydroponic. Normal testing we do on a daily basis to check our current water levels. Also an explanation of our circulating, deep water culture system.

Greenhouse Nursery Flood Table and Fish Pond (Hydroponic & Aquaponics)

Testing the PH levels in our aquaponic system, and an explanation of our nursery and how we start some of our plants. This is a greenhouse with a mix of Hydroponics and also a separate Aquaponic system. For more videos please visit

Treating a Mosquito Infestation in our Hydroponic System

We are attempting to treat a significant mosquito infestation in our out door and indoor hydroponic systems. For more information please visit our website

Treating Fungus on Our Cucumber and Melon Plants (Hydroponic & Aquaponic)

We are treating our Hydroponic and Aquaponic cucumber and melons plants. They currently have white powdery mildew on the leaves and some plants are struggling. For follow up please visit our site … [Continue reading]

How to wind up your Hydroponic tomatoes (Aquaponics)

We are showing how to correctly wild up and support and long tomato plants in this video. All our tomato plants run in our hydrpoponic system, for more information please visit our website … [Continue reading]

PVC Greenhouse Frame

So we used our original design in our first post, with some modification in the beginning. I wanted to build a tunnel greenhouse attached a standard design greenhouse. So as you can see from the pictures I began to build the hybrid greenhouse. We … [Continue reading]

Built in Drains to the PVC Greenhouse

So we wanted to have internal drains in case of overflows, now we included this because it was part of the original plan. The fact is though, we built this greenhouse on the ground and there was no slopping done and the ground is not level. So … [Continue reading]

The Design

So the design was done by my girlfriend, we saw some examples of people building greenhouses out of PVC pipe and that gave us the idea of of a hybrid tunnel/ classic style greenhouse. … [Continue reading]